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LEGAL BOUTIQUE ADVISERS ofrece noticias y comentarios de actualidad vinculados al mundo jurídico, así como artículos y videos de opinión de sus abogadas en materias legales tanto en el plano nacional como internacional.

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No one imagined the scale and consequence of Covid 19 on the economy world.

In the middle of the pandemic crisis, all sales have been cancelled or postponed, but Legal Boutique Advisers is confident that the love of art will endure despite the crisis.

The art market is independent of stock market values. Thus, it has withstood all the stock market crises that have taken place since the early 2000s and has performed better than stock market investments.

The taxation of investments in art is quite interesting. First of all, works of art are not include as assets affected by wealth tax.

Investing in art can therefore be a good tax optimization tool.

This investment choice is perhaps no accident. Legal Boutique Advisers assists its clients in their purchases and sales of works of art. Art is clearly an investment of enthusiasts.

With good planning you can reduce your tax burden, investments in art can benefit from wealth tax exemption and premiums on inheritance and gift taxes. In addition, the acquisition of a work of art benefits from a reduced VAT rate, unless it belongs to a gallery.

We are very lucky to be able to count on the work of the great painter of the Tetuan school, Dámaso Ruano. A painting that evolves towards abstraction, which will lead to combine constructivism and the different structures and games with color in his compositions: collage, torn pieces of paper, space, geometry and engraving stand out.

Of which we have three pieces of work on display at the firm, as examples for our clients who are also passionate and art lovers.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information to invest in the work of Mr. Dámaso Ruano.

Bringing together, inspiring, calming, sharing: so many powers of art whose importance is even more glaring in these times of the Covid-19 pandemic”

Audrey Azoulay - Unesco.

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